A political earthquake is forecast for Scotland – but will there be a ‘genderquake’?

The aftermath of the Scottish Independence Referendum has seen an enormous spike in support for the Scottish National Party, with polling showing that Labour north of the border may find themselves reduced to a rump of MPs in the House of Commons. But what role has gender played in these events, ask Meryl Kenny and Fiona Mackay.

The 2015 General Election has the potential to be one of the most unpredictable electoral contests in British political history, with no party likely to win a majority. Amidst all the post-election scenario discussions, however, lies one certainty – on 7 May the Scottish political landscape will be fundamentally rewritten. The post-referendum political shakeup continues, with recent pollingsuggesting that the SNP could win 56 of Scotland’s 59 parliamentary seats, a political earthquake that would mark the final death knell of Labour’s political dominance north of the border (though other estimates, including the PSA’s own, have been more conservative).

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