Gender and Democracy

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Democratic Audit features a series of posts considering the relationship between gender and democracy in the UK.

Achieving greater gender equality is essential to improving the quality of democracy. In Parliament, other elected bodies and throughout public life women remain in the minority.

In this series we will examine the different ways men and women experience democracy, and explore how barriers to greater equality can be addressed.

Highlights of this series include:

image Online misogyny prevents women from fully participating in democracy
Laura Bates
image Men Only? The parliamentary Liberal Democrats and gender representation
Elizabeth Evans
image The Scottish Parliament’s record on gender representation is in the balance
Meryl Kenny
image Women are held back in local government by a culture that pigeonholes us into ‘women’s issues’
Laura Wilkes
Image Northern Ireland Assembly elections show internal party cultures, not the electoral system, prevent equal opportunities for women in politics
Claire McGing

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