Top 10 ideas to improve UK democracy

Democratic Audit is establish to publish a “Top 10” list of priorities in the lead-up to the 2015 General Election. In doing this, we hope to enlist your help.

Our plan is to ask each member of our Democracy Research Network, and some other contacts, to contribute their top 5 ideas to improve democracy in the UK. These could be ideas for a constitutional and political reform, they could be simple ‘nudges’ that the Government could apply, or they could be ideas to regulate corporate power. All we ask is that they in some way seek to contribute to improving the health, strength, and durability of the UK’s democracy.


(Martin Pettitt, CC BY 2.0)

When everybody has responded, we will commission a set of blogposts on the results. We will seek to shed a light on the viability of the most popular choices, and the different forms they could take. We’ll then take a final tally and the top ten will inform Democratic Audit’s campaigning in the run-up to the General Election.

If you’re so inclined, do feel free to pass this on to colleagues and friends who may be interested, though bear in mind that only those who are current or prospective members of our Democracy Research Network will have their votes counted (though membership is open to all).

Please fill in and return the attached form if you wish to contribute. Also, do let me know in any response whether you would be interested in contributing a blogpost on one of your chosen topics.

Please email if you wish to contribute