Future of the Union

uk flag map2Democratic Audit features a series of posts exploring the UK’s future prospects as a political union and the implications of constitutional and territorial changes.

Devolution has been introduced unevenly across the UK, with different governance arrangements for each of the home nations. Scotland will decide whether to become independent of the UK in 2014. Moves toward greater recognition on England are being debated, while regions such as Cornwall have also made demands for autonomy.

In this series we will examine how democratic the UK’s existing constitution is from the perspective of its nations and regions, and consider new proposals for reform.

Highlights of this series include:

Forth Bridge Yes or no, 2014′s Scotland referendum carries significant constitutional implications
Stephen Tierney and Katie Boyle
Cannon! The Scottish Question: The notion that constitutional politics can be separated from ‘ordinary’ politics is unconvincing
James Mitchell
image The ‘English Question’, what we can learn from the Cornish Assembly Campaign, and why an English tier is not enough
Joanie Willett
image Welsh incremental devolution: history repeats itself, first as tragedy then as tax?
Adam Evans
Bercow Kerry The Government’s proposal for an ‘English only’ stage in the House of Commons could create problems
Andrew Blick


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